When a natural disaster strikes, there are no guarantees that everything will be absolutely fine, even with preparation. But taking some steps to prepare can be extremely helpful during such a stressful time.

Make sure your family knows where to meet together if an emergency occurs and not everyone is together. Having go bags at home, and possibly in the car, is advised. You can fill these go bags with basic necessities. These include a change of clothes, food, water, first aid supplies, copies of important documents, a bit of cash (smaller bills preferred), and some tools. You can find a list of what may be helpful online. The idea is to have some items in the event that you have to leave your home quickly. 

If it is best for you to hunker down at home, be sure to have nonperishable food and water on hand for a few days. Having a generator is great if the power goes out. It will allow you to have some electricity and keep the heat on if it’s cold. Be sure to have gas to keep it going.