Do you have the prettiest lawn in the neighborhood or is it a work in progress? While some go through great pains to have a nice lawn, others couldn’t care less. If you live in a neighborhood where there is an HOA, it might be that you have to do a certain amount of maintenance of your lawn to be compliant with the bylaws. If you want a healthy lawn, there are a few common mistakes that people do that unintentionally harm their lawn. One thing is cutting the lawn too short. While it might be tempting to cut it extra short so you don’t have to do it too often, a short lawn will take damage. It could even kill the grass if you cut it too short. You should try to keep a water supply on hand, especially if there are times when using water in your yard is banned. You could collect rain-water in a barrel and use it at a later time. Be careful with your use of fertilizer as well, since over-fertilizing actually could kill your grass.