When you heat your home with a burning fire, there are some inherent dangers. There is a possibility of having carbon monoxide leak into your home which could be lethal. Another danger is that of your home catching fire. Of course, there are many safety precautions in place to keep this from happening, but the risk can’t be completely removed. One solution that some homeowners have turned to is to use an outdoor wood boiler for heating. An outdoor wood boiler is usually located in a small shed some distance away from a home and connects to the home through ducts that funnel the hot air into the home for heating. While this might seem like a good solution, there is a downside to this method which has led to outdoor wood boilers being prohibited in some areas.

Since the chimney on an outdoor shed won’t rise as high as a chimney on a home would, the exhaust could travel into your home or the homes of your neighbors. If you are considering an outdoor wood boiler, make sure you are not breaking the law.