Falls can be very dangerous no matter what age you are, but seniors and young children are more prone to falling than anyone else. This is why it is important to make sure that your stairs are in the best condition possible so that they don’t pose more of a risk than they should.

Sadly, there are thousands of deaths yearly from falls in stairs, and many of them were preventable. What are some items to check on your stairs?

First you want to make sure that the steps are even and flat. This is especially a problem in older homes where the house might have settled unevenly. This is a difficult problem to fix, and it might require some major repairs.

If there is carpet on your stairs, it should be firmly attached so as not to stumble someone walking. If you can’t get it attached correctly, it might be better to tear it off completely.

Your railings should be firmly attached to the wall so that they don’t come loose when weight is put on them.