Do you see bats zipping by in your neighborhood in the evenings? Some are freaked out by them, but bats can be really beneficial for a homeowner, especially since they eat the mosquitoes that could bother you when you are outside in your backyard. If the bats decide to set up their sleeping spot in your attic, you might not be as thrilled, however. Bat droppings can carry disease, and an attic full of bats is not going to be fun to enter for a homeowner.

So how can you get rid of the bats? The best way to do it is to block off any holes or cracks that they have been using for entry. Of course, you probably want to make sure that any bats that are inside already can get out of there, and for this purpose, there is something called a one-way excursion device that will allow the bats to pass through only in one direction. Installing these over the holes that the bats have been using for entry will allow you to let them out, and after all other entry locations have been blocked off, the bats won’t be able to get in.

To spot where the bats come from, you might need to use a camera in your attic.