Have you ever burned your hand on hot water from the faucet? It has probably happened to most of us, and many times this is just a discomfort. If you are unfortunate, however, you might have been scalded. The water that comes out of your water heater could be as hot as 160 degrees Fahrenheit, and at that temperature, it would only take seconds to have scalding occur. This is especially dangerous for young children or older ones since they have sensitive skin and might not react as quickly.
Installing an anti-scald valve would prevent this from happening. Anti-scald valves are installed near the faucet and will mix the incoming hot and cold water for a more even temperature. This will also prevent sudden changes in temperature when someone flushes a toilet or runs a faucet in another room.
Installing the valve is fairly simple and could be done by a homeowner on their own if they feel confident enough. The most important things are to turn off the water before starting work and to carefully check for leaks after the work is done before closing the wall back up.