Many homeowners like to let their dogs run off leash on their property. This is great, if you can keep them safe. Fencing on your property is important. What type should you get?

First, let’s discuss underground invisible fences. A lot of people like these because they are aesthetically pleasing to your property. It can be nice to not see a physical fence. But they have downsides. Dogs can run through the fence line. They will get shocked, but they may endure that to chase whatever it is they want to chase. These fences do not keep other dogs out. So, a dog may wander onto your property and cause harm to your pet. If the batteries die in your dog’s collar or there is an electrical outage, the fence may be compromised. 

Physical fences can keep your dog from getting out and other animals from coming in. And they do not have to be ugly. There is a variety of fencing styles to choose from, made of metal, wood, or vinyl. Just make sure that is it high enough so your dog cannot jump over it, and make sure it locks properly.