Across New York and New England, there is a phenomenon that happens each and every year. One might call it the Invasion of the Leaf Peepers. Vast numbers of people from every state descend upon the Northeast hoping to enjoy the beauty and majesty that comes from brightly-colored Autumn leaves. To be sure, Autumn trees here in New York can be a spectacle to behold. However, what happens once all the leaves turn brown and cover your entire property?

Well, someone’s got to get rid of those leaves, right? Having a thick layer of leaves on the lawn can suffocate grass, looks bad, and can breed all kind of pests. Raking the leaves can be an arduous ordeal. Why not try leaving some leaves behind this year? Moderate leaf cover can actually be healthy for your lawn. Or, you could invest in a leaf blower. Still another option is attaching a mulching unit to your mower to chop the leaves up into tiny bits that can be healthy for your lawn.