Things are getting colder outside and inside. This is a challenge for some homeowners since the cold weather can damage their homes if they aren’t ready. One of the most common issues for inexperienced homeowners is busted pipes. When temperatures drop below freezing, unprotected pipes that have water standing in them can freeze and crack. This can be catastrophic inside of your home. While most homes are well insulated against the cold, there could be pipes in walls that are facing the outside of the home that could be prone to freezing. On especially cold nights, it might be worth it to keep a slow drip going to prevent the water from freezing. You can also open cabinets underneath your sink to let warmer air in.
If your insulation is insufficient, you might be losing heat in your home, so using thermal imaging can be a great way for you to find out if there are any issues before it costs you too much. This can also help you identify windows that have leaks around them or a failed seal between double-pane windows.