Everyone has started grilling now that summer is here, and you can’t walk down many streets before you start smelling something being cooked on a grill. Some prefer using gas grills while others much rather would use a coal grill. Did you know though that there is a third option that does have some advantages over its counterparts? While some might scoff at it, an electric grill can be used year-round, doesn’t cause a lot of smoke, and can be used indoors during bad weather. This type of grill might not have the open flame of a gas grill or the smoke that makes coal-grilled food taste so good, but if neither of those options is available, you could still get a grilled meal.

Of course, you should make sure that your electric grill is safe, and it should never be used with a frayed or otherwise damaged wire. It is also important to remember that it still gets very hot and care should be used with what is close by the grill.