We all try to be smart shoppers, and sometimes this is easier than other times. If you are in the store and have two brands to choose from for an identical product, but one is a lot cheaper than the other, often we will go for the cheaper choice. But if you then realize that the cheaper product tastes terrible, you might have the saying come to mind “You get what you pay for”.

This is definitely true when it comes to home inspections. If you decide to get the cheapest inspector you can find to take care of your inspection, you might end up buying a home that has multiple serious issues that you now have to deal with.

This probably isn’t going to make you happy, so to avoid that happening, choosing an inspector that has had training by InterNACHI is going to make all the difference. An InterNACHI certified inspector is held to a higher standard. It is not just a stamp that you can buy off of a website, but instead, it is a guarantee that your inspection will be performed by a professional with the training and experience needed to do the best job possible.