Some of the most common problems homeowners face are due to water. Moisture can cause rot and mold growth and it can also attract pests by providing them with a source of water. One possible way for water to enter your home is through condensation. This will usually happen when moisture laden air hits a cold surface. It is the same effect you will observe in your bathroom when the mirror fogs up after a hot shower.

A common place where condensation will form is on cold water pipes. If you have copper pipes running through your basement or attic, where the air might not be conditioned, large amounts of condensation could form.

Anytime you have pipes running through areas of your home that aren’t usually climate controlled, you should have insulation on them. This will lessen the chance of condensation forming, as well as saving you money on energy.

If you have an area where condensation is a big problem, it might be worth it to have a dehumidifier running to decrease it.