Bugs in our homes are inevitable, but we prefer when we don’t have to see them. Sometimes though, it is difficult to figure out exactly where the bugs are coming from. For example, sewer gnats look very much like fruit flies, so you might suspect they are coming from some rotting fruit or plants in your home, but as the name implies, they usually come out of your sewer. You can identify them by the powdery substance they leave behind when swatted and their dark, large wings.

It can be very hard to clean out a sewer gnat infestation. While it sometimes works to pour boiling water or vinegar down the drain to kill the flies, this is usually not enough. Using a drain snake to clean out debris from your pipes is more effective, since the flies use these to breed. If the problem does not resolve even after these steps, you might need a plumber to come and clean out your pipes.