Are you aware of the reason why receptacles are grounded? Put simply, it is to save your life. Grounded wall receptacles have been part of the building code for a long time for good reason. It also protects your electronics from getting fried. But if you live in a home that only has ungrounded receptacles, then you are in trouble. It might take quite a bit of work to upgrade them to be wired with a ground. Some homeowners have simply replaced their two-pronged, ungrounded receptacles with a grounded receptacle without doing any work to remedy the situation. This might create an extra dangerous situation for you when you buy the home since you most likely wouldn’t check the receptacles to make sure that they actually are properly grounded.

One solution that would still provide some safety is to replace the ungrounded receptacles with a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacle that will cut power when uneven current is detected. This can save lives, but it still doesn’t provide a proper ground for your electronics.