When you consider substances that are harmful to humans, does lead come to mind? It might be that it doesn’t since lead hasn’t been as big of a problem as it was in decades past, but there are still homes out there that have lead paint or lead pipes which could prove to be a danger to the health of the inhabitants. This is why it is important to have a home checked for lead before you move in. Lead can cause serious damage to your health. It affects your neural system and is especially dangerous for young children and pregnant mothers.

How can you identify lead? One way is by looking for pipes that scratch easily when you use a sharp object. Lead paint on the other hand can be identified by the way in which it peels off the wall in a strange, scale-like manner.

If you suspect there might be lead in the paint on a wall in your home, you should never sand it, since this will create clouds of lead particles that can easily be inhaled. It is usually best to leave lead paint undisturbed until you can have a professional deal with it.