When you tour a home that you are considering purchasing, you probably have several items that you look for. Something that you might not be paying attention to that will come back to haunt you later is the available closet space. It might not be the most exciting feature of a new home, but a lack of closets is definitely going to cause you a headache later. Fortunately, there are a few options out there for you to remedy the situation, and what you choose to do is going to depend a lot on what type of budget you set for yourself.

The cheapest solution would be to find an alcove, put up a curtain and a rod for hanging clothes from. While this isn’t going to be pretty, it can be done fairly easily and it won’t set you back too much. A mid-range solution is to buy stand-alone closets that can be assembled and placed where needed. The most elegant solution would be to have a closet built up from scratch, but of course, this would also be the most expensive choice. When you look at a home that has limited closet space, it is wise to factor in the possible cost of fixing the problem to your satisfaction before you decide on a purchase.