If you have areas around your home where there are cement surfaces, you have probably noticed how these eventually get damaged by the shifting of the underlying ground. This will lead to your walkways looking bad and pose a danger for those walking on them.

It is easy to assume that the only solution to this problem is to remove the old walkways and have them redone, but there is a cheaper alternative called mudjacking.

This process is done by drilling holes through the existing cement and then pumping in a mixture of cement, soil, water and other materials to level the slab.

This needs to be done by a professional, since the equipment is expensive, and there is some risk involved if you don’t know what you are doing. Underlying water pipes, power lines and gas lines could be damaged if done improperly.

If done correctly, however, mudjacking will make the pavement even, filling cracks and holes. Mudjacking can be done quicker and  at a much lower cost than removing the old and installing new cement.