Do you know how much damage a clog in your pipes could cause? If it goes unnoticed, or if it is in the wrong spot, you could look at sewage water backing up in your home, which will need a thorough cleanup, or it can cause damage and disease. Fortunately, that is a worst-case scenario, and you are going to be much safer if you pay attention to the first signs of a clog. So, what should you keep an eye (and ear) out for?

Well, a common sign is that your drains will start gurgling in other parts of the home when water is draining down the sink in one spot. Another is when your water drains a lot slower than it has in the past. This might be a little tricky to spot since it will be a gradual change, but you might be able to notice it if you pay attention.

You might also spot bubbling in your toilet when you run water down a drain since your toilet has a much bigger drain pipe than other parts of your home.

If you have noticed any of these issues, it might be a good idea to either call a plumber or get to work trying to dislodge the clog yourself. A clog is definitely one of those problems that will only get worse when ignored.