Have you ever wanted to replace your bathroom faucet? There are many beautiful, modern designs to choose from, but maybe the job seems a little intimidating. Have no fear. It is actually not as difficult as it might seem. Your first step should always be to make sure that you turn off the water supply. You should find a shut-off valve underneath your sink. Once that is done, remove the water supply lines from your old faucet. Usually these will come off fairly easily, but if the faucet is very old, there might be some rust holding them in place. Make sure you’re careful not to use too much force and damage your sink. Many sinks have a lift rod attached to the faucet that will close the drain when you pull at it. If that is the case, you will need to remove that, as well. When installing your new faucet, you just follow the steps in reverse, but the main thing to remember is to be careful not to over-tighten anything, since this can damage your pipes or the sink. Once everything is back in place, carefully open the shut-off valves back up, but be ready to close them if something is leaking.