Your water heater is one appliance that basically works day and night every single day. You might not think much about how dependent you are on having access to hot water from the tap, but you will definitely notice if your heater stops working. Just a single day without hot water can disrupt your daily routine. You would be unable to take a shower in the morning or wash dishes after a meal.

Caring for your water heater will make it less likely for you to face that situation, and while you might not be qualified to service your water heater, there are a few things that you can keep an eye on to make sure it is running well.

If your water heater has been running for many years, there is most likely a buildup of sediment in the bottom of it. To remove this, you can open up the drain valve and fill up a bucket of water which should let the sediment drain out as well.

You should also check that your pressure relief valve works properly. When you lift it up slightly, it should snap into place and you will hear a gurgling sound. This means that it is working properly. If not, it needs to be replaced.