Having children can bring you a lot of joy, but it also creates a lot of worries. With young children, wall outlets are one of the many dangers you have to protect them from. Children are curious by nature, and it is very tempting to stick something in the wall outlet to see what is in there. Some parents try to protect their children by installing plastic covers over the outlets, but these can be removed by a determined child, and it’s also easy to forget to reinsert the covers after using an outlet.

Tamper resistant receptacles make your job as a parent easier. They are designed in such a way that it is impossible to insert something into the outlet unless it is a double pronged contact. They are designed with a shutter that requires pressure on both sides before it slides to the side. This will prevent your child from sticking something in. While they are more pricey than a regular outlet, it will give you peace of mind, at least when it comes to this one area.