When you expect cold water from the faucet, it can be quite frustrating to receive lukewarm or even hot water instead, isn’t it? While this might seem like a strange phenomenon, there is going to be a logical explanation for it. Your first step will be to figure out where the water changes from cold to hot. There must be a point where this happens since the water coming into your home starts out cold. If you have a way to do thermal imaging, you should be able to trace where the issue lies.

There are a few points in your plumbing system where this is more likely to happen. It could be that there is something wrong near your water heater, causing hot water to seep into the cold water line.

Another possibility is that pipes run through uninsulated areas of your home, such as a crawlspace where the water sits in the pipe and gets heated up. Another possibility is that the water gets heated up right at the faucet because of a problem with the valve there.

Once you have figured out what the problem is, you can get to the right solution.