How do you prefer to spend your time? We all have different things we like to do, maybe you are thinking of your hobbies or friends and family you would like to spend time with. The large majority probably wouldn’t say that their favorite thing to do is cleaning and caring for their home, but still, we spend a lot of time on these activities since they are necessary.

Some have chosen to make a drastic change to their living conditions for the purpose of cutting down on the time needed to care for their home. They have done this by downsizing to a tiny home.

Many might balk at the idea of living in a home that is below 1000 square feet, or even smaller, below 100 square feet, but others swear that it has improved their lives.

If you are thinking about living small, it is important that you get a home that is built well. While you can save a lot of money on heating and cooling, there are unique challenges with a small home that you should be aware of before you move in. There are companies that focus on building small homes, and doing your research will help you to find the best company for your small dream home.