Whenever you decide on what type of siding to install on your home, you will have a lot of different types to choose from. One choice that many people end up going for is vinyl siding. Here in the US, you will find it on a majority of homes. The main reason for this is the low price point, but vinyl also has other benefits. Because vinyl is fairly flexible, it is very easy to install, and if it gets dirty, you can clean it off with a pressure washer. You should be somewhat careful so you don’t use too high pressure, since there is a possibility of damaging the siding.

So, what are some drawbacks to using vinyl? The major shortcomings of vinyl are apparent when it is exposed to extreme temperatures. When it is very cold out, vinyl gets somewhat brittle, and can be damaged by impact, so in the winter you should be careful so as not to bump into your siding with something hard.

If vinyl gets exposed to high heat on the other hand, it could melt, so you would want to be careful with sources of heat such as a fire pit or a grill near your siding.