If there is wood in your home, there is a risk that you could have termites go after it. Termites can be very invasive, and this is especially the case when you provide them with easy access to what they need. Usually, what attracts termites is an ideal combination of the three things they look for – food, shelter and water. Since they feed on wood, you should make sure that there is no easy way for them to reach it.

You could inadvertently cause the problem by stacking up firewood or old pallets near your home. These might contain termites that will then transfer over to your home.

In the early spring, termites swarm, and this would be a good time for you to ascertain if there are termites nearby. They will show around outside lights, and sometimes you can find their wings left behind on windowsills or something similar. If you knock on a wooden surface and sawdust falls out, you might want to contact an exterminator to have the problem taken care of.