You might not want to think about this right now, but the time is approaching when you will once again need to turn on the heat in your home. One of the most common methods of heating homes in the US is forced air heating, where hot air is blown out of vents to warm up your rooms. There is an alternative to this called radiant heating, and it does have some advantages to forced air systems.

Radiant heating consists of elements being heated up by water or electricity. These elements will heat up the air nearby, which will rise and cause a circulation where the air will keep warming up until you have a comfortable temperature. This is more efficient for several reasons. Since there are no ducts, heat isn’t lost in the transfer.

You will lose less heat from windows, since the air itself isn’t heated.

A radiant heating system also allows you to have different temperatures in different rooms of your house.

Radiant heat systems are quiet and very flexible when it comes to what type of fuel they run on, so you can use whatever fuel is cheaper in the area where you live.