When there are heavy winds whipping around your home, it could be that you are chased indoors. Some homes have vast open areas around them that allow the wind to pick up a lot of speed. To counteract this, some have taken to planting a windbreak across the path that the wind takes to their home. Windbreaks are a wall of trees that are planted at a distance from your home and push the wind up and over to give you a reprieve. Of course, this is a long term project, as it will take years for trees to grow to the right height. For a quick solution, some will plant 2 rows of trees – one of fast growing trees that will reach the necessary height quickly, but usually have a shorter life-span, and then a second row of slow growing trees that will last a lot longer. It is important that the trees have thick foliage and that they grow as low as possible to have the greatest effect.