Having trees in your yard improves the appearance of your home, gives you shade and comfort in the summer, and overall is very appealing, but do you have some trees that seem to have had a growth spurt recently? It could be that they have found an unfortunate new food source – your sewer line. Inside of your sewer line is the perfect mixture of water and nutrition for a tree, which is the reason roots in sewer lines is a common problem.

All that is needed is a small crack or a joint that comes loose slightly, and the tree roots will come. Once a root has made it inside the pipe, it will gradually widen it until it can get full access to what is inside. The problems for you begin once the roots start blocking the water flow in the pipe, causing water to back up into your home.

Unfortunately, there is no quick and simple fix for this problem. While there are substances that you can use to kill tree roots, as long as there is a way for the trees to access the inside of the pipe, they will keep coming back. The only permanent solution is to dig up the pipe, get it securely patched up and then bury it again.