Have you ever experienced a strange smell in your kitchen that you couldn’t find out where it came from? If you have a garbage disposal in your sink drain, there is a possibility that this is the source. It is very convenient to have a garbage disposal, but with the amount of organic material that goes through it, it is no surprise that some could get stuck in there, rot and, start smelling.

Whenever you experience odors coming out of your garbage disposal, you can try to remove the smell by running a few ice cubes through it. This will clean out the blades and eventually make the smell go away.

When you run food through the garbage disposal, it is important to have a steady stream of water running as well. This will lessen the risk of food sticking to the blades, as well as prevent overheating. You should also let the garbage disposal run for a short while even after it sounds like all the debris has gone through it. That way the water will have a chance to clean the blades off even better.